Umpires and Scorers represent the 'Third Team' during a cricket match and as such perform a vital role, both on and off the field, by upholding the Laws and Spirit of Cricket, applying Playing Conditions, and managing every game and recording it for history. For more infromation, head to the NZC website by clicking on the button below.


As umpires and scorers gain knowledge, skills, and experience (and, in the case of umpires, pass formal exams) they become eligible to officiate in higher levels of cricket.

Both umpires and scorers usually begin their careers with some basic participation in junior cricket, and then progress to more formal involvement with secondary school and club cricket. Once they prove themselves at this level, umpires and scorers may then be appointed to age group, District, and Provincial A matches within their Major Association.

The very best umpires and scorers may then progress to matches under the jurisdiction of New Zealand Cricket: national tournaments, men's and women's domestic competitions, and women's internationals, New Zealand Under-19 and New Zealand A men's matches. Umpires recognised as the best in the world could then be appointed by the International Cricket Council to international men's matches, at home and overseas, while the top scorers will be appointed by NZC to men's home internationals.

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Contact your local Regional Training Officer, Area Training Officer, or Scorer Training Officer (details below) to find out how you can start getting involved